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Marketing Expertise at Your Service

Today, being a real estate agent is more complicated than ever before. It can be challenging to juggle all of your daily activities: mobile marketing via text, video and messaging, identifying new clients, staying in touch with your sphere, marketing your individual brand effectively, and organizing and following up on all of your new leads and inquiries.

To help you manage your time and money more efficiently, we have deployed a dedicated Certified Marketing Executive (CME) in our office.

Trained by Realty Executives, for Realty Executives — so you can get on with your business.

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Our Certified Marketing Executive:

• Guides you in constructing your marketing plan

• Offers tips, tricks, and advice for optimizing your social media presence

• Assists you with importing and managing your book of business in our PrimeAgent Contact Manager

• Helps you build your Executive website and shows you how to manage your leads in PrimeAgent

• Shows you how to manage your Mobile Marketing System

• Guides you in navigating and utilizing the library of resources in PrimeAgent

• Assists you with creating personalized email announcements in

PrimeAgent Broadcast

• Helps you generate and order custom marketing materials through our Business Partner Program

• Makes sure you are utilizing the entire power of the Realty Executives brand through compliance with brand standards

• Supports you in designing your personal and property marketing materials such as listing and buying presentations, “Just Listed” and

“Just Sold” postcards, property flyers, newsletters, business cards, and MORE!