LIC #374034

Meet Jeff Harris, your trusted real estate agent in Loudon County. Jeff’s proudest moment in life was the day he became a father, understanding the significance of finding the perfect home for your family. In his free time, he raises bunny rabbits with dedication and care, mirroring his approach to nurturing homes for his clients. Jeff is passionate about supporting CASA of the TN Valley, ensuring children find safe and loving homes, just like he strives to do for his clients.

Beyond real estate, Jeff has had a diverse background, including roles as a machinist, general manager, director of student ministries, and even a politician. These varied experiences have made him a well-rounded agent who can navigate the complexities of the real estate market with ease. Jeff’s greatest accomplishment, besides his real estate career, was convincing his high school sweetheart, Karen, to marry him, emphasizing his knack for finding the perfect match, whether in love or real estate.

What inspires Jeff is a strong desire to serve others in any way possible. He’s dedicated to helping you find your dream home and will go above and beyond to make that happen. Proudly born and raised in Loudon County, Jeff has deep hometown pride and understands the unique charm and character of the area. He’s the local expert you can trust. With Jeff as your real estate agent, you’ll not only have a dedicated professional by your side but also a compassionate, experienced, and community-minded individual who will go the extra mile to find your perfect home.